Episode 02 – Time

Here we go again!

On this week’s episode, listen as Amy, Bill, and Jeff discuss time in all its aspects – from management, to what it’s worth, to how to run out of it when recording a podcast.


“For Exposure” on Twitter

New York Maker Faire

David Waelder and Giaco Whatever


Music by Joakim Karud and used under a Creative Commons license.


6 thoughts on “Episode 02 – Time

  1. Hello! I’ve listened to both of your first 2 podcasts and I think it’s going to be a keeper for me. I love your passion and I know you’re still finding your footing. I think if the show was tightened up, kept on topic and all hosts participated equally, you’d have a good podcast. Also – the show is less than an hour, so it’s probably not necessary to make a point, repeat & summarize it. I know you’ll all settle in and find your rhythm!

    Now I’m off to read “For Exposure” – and share with my artist friends. This is one of our favorite topics!

  2. Just found your podcast. Couple of thoughts and comments. Overall I like it but if you want to fully cover a topic in an episode you will need to watch your tangents. On the subject of Time Management Amy was pretty spot on. On Sunday mornings I clean up to get ready for the week and do my planning for the week of important projects to get done. This way when I am done a project I know what is next so no time wasted deciding and I don’t miss things that I should have done. As a full time woodworker I too work 7 days a week but have a hard rule of taking Saturday nights off to keep my sanity.

    I hope Amy was just making a point when she said $10 per hour. That is crazy. I too mark up my materials but shoot for between $50 – $100 per hour as out of that I need to pay my expenses, mortgage, tools, supplies, gas, vehicle, show booths, accountant, etc and money to support my family of 6.

    Thanks for doing the podcast I see there are another 3 or 4 episodes so hope to get to them soon. I consume a lot of media while working, music, podcasts, audio books and netflix.

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