Episode 04 – Marketing and Social Media

Episode 04: Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss marketing and social media for makers and the self-employed.

Show Notes:

What are we working on?

Amy – Geek Girl Con 

Jeff – Teaching grade school kids about robotics

Bill – Prep for client work, planning for World Maker Faire

This Week’s Topic:

David Picciutto’s video

Dr. Joel Graff on CRISPR

MakerCast Giveaway

Where to find us:

Amy: @surlyamy on Twitter, surlyramics.com

Jeff: Facebook

Bill: One Car Workshop, YouTube, Instagram

2 thoughts on “Episode 04 – Marketing and Social Media

  1. Speaking of marketing, luckily jimmy mentioned that he had been on your show and thats how I found you so now I’m getting caught up. Re building a shed if you have the know how to build one from scratch price out the kits vs buying the all wood you might find that the price is same or the kit might cost a little less but the kits from the big box stores are not very good. It’s designed be the cheapest possibly way to get you 4 walls and a roof. If snow load is a concern. Run a scenario where snow collapses the roof thus ruining all your tools and creations and you will find the extra cost for a good shed to be priceless.

    Thanks for the inspiring and informative show

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