Episode 7 – Impostor Syndrome

Episode 7 – Join Amy, Bill, and Jeff as they discuss impostor syndrome — what it is, how it works, what it means for your work to be “good enough,” and who gets to decide.

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Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Amy – Tardigrade drawing on Patreon

Jeff – Day job

Bill – Bottle opener multitool video

During the Show:

Younger Matt Cremona Builds a Hall Table


Amy – How to Photograph The Moon

Jeff – Arduino for Dummies

Bill – Elm City Vintage: The Up-Cycle

Where to find us:

Amy: @surlyamy on Twitter, surlyramics.com – Use coupon HEATWAVE for 20% off

Jeff: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Bill: One Car Workshop, YouTube, Instagram

One thought on “Episode 7 – Impostor Syndrome

  1. In regards to the astro photography. Check out Michael Shainblum. He does amazing work and is a super guy. I know he has some “how to’s” on youtube, though I’m not sure he’s got one about getting better star photographs but that’s definitely his specialty. He definitely knows the hustle.

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