Episode 12 – Tools of the Trade

In this episode, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss tools and techniques they’ve picked up along the way that allow them to get the job done, both physical and otherwise. Special thanks to this week’s Patreon supporters: Marc Schaefermeyer, David Bellhorn, David Thompson, TheMakerMonkey, Eric Wright, Nick Ryan, Brodie Brickey, Pat Lap, Ian McKay, Brian Prusa, […]

Episode 11 – Work/Hustle Balance

Making stuff isn’t easy, but life is hard. Even harder is balancing work and life — especially when you have a day job and your own hustle. In this episode, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss the difficulties of balancing work, family, and everything else that makes up a life. Special thanks to this week’s Patreon […]

Patreon exclusive: Blooper reel, Episodes 1-6

Hot on the heels of this week’s episode, we’ve posted our first piece of Patreon-exclusive bonus content: a blooper reel. It contains some truly funny excerpts from pre- and post-show chat pulled from episodes 1-6 (It also contains some colorful language, so don’t listen with your kids). If you want to hear it, please Support […]

Episode 10 – Branding (with Jimmy DiResta)

When it comes to getting noticed, having a strong brand can be just as important as having a strong product. This week, Amy, Bill, and Jeff are joined by guest Jimmy DiResta to talk about branding, how to get noticed, developing your own style, and some things you shouldn’t do. Jimmy DiResta is a hugely […]

Show Us Your Ugly Things

We want photos of the worst project you’ve ever made. I didn’t make this, but here’s something to get us started from Pat Lap. And here’s Jeff’s short film:  

Episode 9 – The Best Thing You Ever Made

This week, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss the best (and worst) things they ever made — and more importantly why. Includes not one, but two mic drops. That’s right — Bill drops the mic, picks it up, and drops it again. That’s hardcore. Patreon supporters for this episode include Scott Haun, Jim Beshears, and Johnny […]