Episode 9 – The Best Thing You Ever Made

This week, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss the best (and worst) things they ever made — and more importantly why. Includes not one, but two mic drops. That’s right — Bill drops the mic, picks it up, and drops it again. That’s hardcore.

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Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Amy – Finished up the tardigrade ceramic with crackle glaze. Check it out at SurlyRamics on Etsy

Jeff – Problem solving and attempting to build a remote-controlled cart for Maker Faire

Bill – Video critique trade with Jeremy Thompson

During the Show:

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DIY Shop Storage Cabinet with Clear Drawers

Go Make Something

Chris Cute on YouTube – “I have a lot of worst things I’ve ever made and they all have the same thing in common: I didn’t finish them or I gave up on them. That’s the worst.” Thanks, Chris! This is great stuff. MIC DROP.


Amy – Amaziograph

Jeff – Jeff’s short film

Bill – Carl Jacobson on YouTube

Where to find us:

Amy: @surlyamy on Twitter, surlyramics.com

Jeff: moore4our on Facebook, moore_four on Twitter, animechproject on Instagram

Bill: One Car Workshop, Bill Livolsi on YouTube, @onecarworkshop on Instagram, @onecarworkshop on Facebook

2 thoughts on “Episode 9 – The Best Thing You Ever Made

  1. I’ve been listening to you guys since Matt Cremona gave you a shout out on WoodTalk. Each episode gets better and better, so this was your best episode yet! Amy mentioned that drawing was good for memory and also stress relief. I can’t draw, but I recently decided to draw 2016 smiles before the end of the year to make this year happier. I found that I can’t help but smile while drawing the smiles every morning. It’s been therapeutic for me and I’m glad to see some science supporting it. Thanks for the links and keep up the great work!

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