Episode 10 – Branding (with Jimmy DiResta)

When it comes to getting noticed, having a strong brand can be just as important as having a strong product. This week, Amy, Bill, and Jeff are joined by guest Jimmy DiResta to talk about branding, how to get noticed, developing your own style, and some things you shouldn’t do.

Jimmy DiResta is a hugely influential YouTube Maker and one of the most prominent personalities in the Maker Movement. He is a student of art and has taught at the School of Visual Arts, his alma mater, for over two decades. His YouTube channel is filled with build videos showcasing his amazing creativity and artistic vision. Jimmy is also noted for his consistent branding and often-imitated video style — in other words, the perfect person to talk about branding.

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Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Jimmy – trestle table video, cannon build

Amy – Cell biology conference, butterfly illustration mitosis, mitochondria


Jeff – Transceiver research

Bill – Q&A video, freelance writing

During the Show:

Origin of the DIRESTA stencil: avoiding parking tickets on the Army mail truck

Skull ring video

Painting tools white: DIRESTA DeWalt

Matthias Wandel

DIRESTA iPhone horn



Jimmy – Industry Standard Podcast w/ Barry Katz

Amy – List of tips for branding yourself, Glass art by Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker

Jeff – How to work with a wireless transceiver

Bill – Tony Rouleau on Instagram, Pat Lap video

Where to find us:

Jimmy: JimmyDiresta.com

Amy: @surlyamy on Twitter, surlyramics.com

Jeff: moore4our on Facebook, moore_four on Twitter, animechproject on Instagram

Bill: One Car Workshop, Bill Livolsi on YouTube, @onecarworkshop on Instagram, @onecarworkshop on Facebook

5 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Branding (with Jimmy DiResta)

  1. wow, this is the FIRST Time I have heard the Pod Cast and i have to say that this is something that I just did not expect. I LIKED IT….lol…I learned so much from it. The podcast was also funny when I learned that Jimmy DiResta had chickens and gets 5 eggs per day. But yes, I learned lots about how to get my name noticed and tips on how to have the right Logo.. I will now look forward to the podcast!! I just got invited to be apart of the facebook group “I Like To Make Stuff” and the podcast, in combination with the Facebook Group, I am really learning allot and having a great time. Thanks for ALL You Do..I have really enjoyed my time listening 🙂

  2. Jeff..loved the idea of your wrist control unit. You mentioned you were going to build a second one to control another bot. Perhaps you could control more than one if you had a freq switcher on the controller. If all your bots ran on different freqs you could control a bunch of them from one controller and just select what one you were transmitting to.

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