Episode 16 – Life influences Art

Thanks to Luis Gonzalez, Laura Kampf, and everyone on Patreon for supporting the show! Please support the show on Patreon — every dollar really helps. Congratulations to this week’s winner, David Thompson! You’re getting a 3D printed keychain from Jeff! On this week’s episode, we discuss how art, making, and current events are intertwined. You can’t separate […]

Episode 15 – Money

This week, it’s all Jeff all the time. Our own Mr. Moore schools the Hustle crew about money, how to be smart with it, and strategies for making more of it. Amy and Bill are also present, but Jeff’s passion really comes through in this one. Thanks to Luis Gonzalez and everyone on Patreon for supporting […]

Episode 14 – Busy

This week, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss “busy” in all its aspects — as a positive, a negative, a brag, and an excuse. Busy can mean a lot of things. Sometimes we want to be busy. Sometimes busy gets in the way of being productive. Special thanks to Marc Spagnuolo, Andy Birkey, and Carlos from […]

Episode 13 – Partnerships (with Sean Mapp)

This week, the Makers’ Hustle crew is joined by Sean Mapp of The Avenue Code to talk about partnerships in business. Sean and Jeff have worked together since college, so it’s been quite a ride. Congratulations to Eric Wright and Jim Beshears for winning this month’s giveaway! Thanks guys! Full show notes coming soon!