Episode 14 – Busy

This week, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss “busy” in all its aspects — as a positive, a negative, a brag, and an excuse. Busy can mean a lot of things. Sometimes we want to be busy. Sometimes busy gets in the way of being productive. Special thanks to Marc Spagnuolo, Andy Birkey, and Carlos from Cactus! Workshop for their contributions to the discussion.

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What are we working on?

Jeff – developing the concept for the robotics book (and discovering that books are hard)

Amy – just got back from GeekGirlCon; long line necklaces, illustrations, RedBubble shop

Bill – Secret project, getting back into the shop, and working up a set of plans for Matt Cremona‘s apple press.



Amy – Roadside America

Jeff – The Birth of a Nation – the Nat Turner Story

Bill – Izzy Swan DPT wrench

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