Episode 17 – Communication over Creativity with Laura Kampf

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On this week’s episode, we are joined by guest Laura Kampf to talk about “Concept, Communication, Continuity, then Creativity.” Laura explains that she is often praised for her creativity, but in a business venture, creativity is far less important than a strong concept and clear communication.

Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Laura – trip to Paris, taxes, TV show, bicycle cupholder video

Jeff – Robotics Book!

Amy – Finishing the coloring book, redbubble contest, Krampus


Bill – Maker Support Network, whiteboard frame, PVC strap clamp

During the show




Amy – FLORA ProCreate brushes

Jeff – Michio Kaku

Bill – Laura Kampf

Laura – Chindogu

Where to find us

Laura: laurakampf.com

Amy: surlyramics.com, @surlyamy on Instagram

Jeff: moore4our on Facebook, moore_four on Twitter, moore_four on Instagram

Bill: onecarworkshop.com

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