Episode 19 – A Preposition Makes All the Difference

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On this week’s episode, Amy, Jeff, and Bill talk about the difference between working in the business and working on the business. They’re both important, but when you’re a full-time Maker, finding the right balance is crucial.

Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Jeff – putting together workshops to test his robotics curriculum.

Amy – New designs on redbubble including “Science is Everywhere,” Cell Biology conference, giant stickers


Bill – Knife video and Instructables write-up


During the Show:

Repeatability & Scalability

Damon Dash Interview

The “office worker” mentality: work in the business, then stop and go home.



Amy – Etsy Sale – 30% off with code LOVESURLY

Jeff – Author Ami McKay

Bill – Simone Giertz on YouTube


Where to find us

Amy: surlyramics.com, @surlyamy on Instagram

Jeff: moore4our on Facebook, moore_four on Twitter, moore_four on Instagram

Bill: onecarworkshop.com

6 thoughts on “Episode 19 – A Preposition Makes All the Difference

  1. I used to really enjoy listening to your podcast until all the political banter started. If i wanted to hear that stuff i’d turn on the news networks. Regretfully I’m no longer going to listen.

    1. Art/making and politics are linked and always will be. We address this at length in episode 16. There are a lot of good technique-focused podcasts out there, so maybe one of those would be more to your taste.

      1. A link between the two is inevitable and I don’t disagree with you on that. However, there is a difference between mentioning what you are doing that’s politically related and using a podcast as your personal soapbox. That line has been crossed the last few episodes. It’s your podcast, you get to do what you want, but after the last 18 months of disgusting rhetoric from so many people on both sides it would be nice if we didn’t have to endure it on a maker podcast. We have biased mainstream media from both sides for that. Saying “I made a political poster as a protest to the recent election” is far different than “I think our country is racist, misogynist and I hate Trump so I made a poster.” We, as a country were given multiple options that were far from good. No matter who was the winner one person can’t dictate our citizens behaviors, thankfully we have a democracy to prevent that.

        1. Respectfully, you don’t have to endure it. This podcast will always reflect the personality of its hosts, and if you find that not to your liking, then you don’t have to listen.

          1. Fair enough. If I’ve ever had enough I’ll move on. I respect everyone’s work and would like to continue to support it. I just thought I’d try to bring a moderate approach to explaining our feedback instead of just screaming unsubscribe. I’m not saying you are doing it wrong, just bringing in constructive criticsm. So please take it for what it is as it’s hard to convey that in a sequence of characters. Especially when something like politics is involved in a world that’s so divided.

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