Episode 21 – Protect Yourself

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On this week’s episode, Amy, Jeff, and Bill talk about how to keep yourself and your business safe – or at least as safe as you can. With no support network in place, small businesses can fall apart when something goes wrong. Here’s how to build that support network.

This week, the full show is also available as a YouTube video! Check it out:

Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Jeff – redesigning robot feet for upcoming workshop class

Amy – packing for ASCB

Billpublished collaboration video with Pat Lap. He also released the Makers’ Hustle pen video.

During the Show:


Separation of business and personal accounts

Contracts are negotiable

LLC or Sole Proprietorship

Know the laws in your area

Communicate – have clearly stated policies

Diversify your income


Amy – Snopes

Jeff – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren interview, shout-out to Bill and Amy

Bill – Mike Monteiro: F*ck you, pay me

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