Episode 26 – New Year, Same Hustle

Remember: every episode is now available on YouTube! You can still find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Google Play, as well (links at the top of every page). This is just one more offering, because THE HUSTLE NEVER STOPS.

Welcome to 2017! On this week’s episode, Amy, Jeff, and Bill discuss their goals for the new year and how to implement them such that they are realistic and can be accomplished. Amy shares her distaste for New Years’ Resolutions (and the boys concur). Bill talks about work/life balance. Jeff talks about getting his STEM program off the ground.

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Full show notes:

What are we working on?

Jeff – Launching STEM program in early March, hopefully

Amy – Hair clips for the Etsy shop

Bill – Hatchet handle video, re-potting house plants, house work, preparing to launch challenge, locked into building a steel adirondack chair

During the Show:


Amy – Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the 21st Century by Nato Thompson


BillWm. Walker Co. on YouTube

Where to find us

Amysurlyramics.com, @surlyamy on Instagram

Jeffmoore4our on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Bill: onecarworkshop.com, @onecarworkshop on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Bill Livolsi on YouTube

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