Episode 33 – Self Care

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This week, Amy, Jeff, and Bill talk about taking care of yourself — how to do it, why it’s important, and how it’ll help you avoid problems and do your best work.

What are we working on?

Jeff – SICK. Trying to buy a house.

Amy – Working on art! Restocking the store and preparing for conventions.

Bill – Wife had her wisdom teeth removed. Trying to catch up. Video is late. Sad. 🙁



AmyBarbara Kruger

JeffX Robots

BillRory May, Dirty Smith

Where to find us

Amysurlyramics.com, @surlyamy on Instagram

Jeffmoore4our on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Moore Progress Project

Bill: onecarworkshop.com, @onecarworkshop on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Bill Livolsi on YouTube


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