About Us

Welcome to the Hustle. Who are we?

Amy Davis RothAmy Davis Roth is a full-time multimedia artist based in the Los Angeles area. She is the creator of Surly-Ramics and has created, as of the writing of this, over 17,000 handmade necklaces. Her designer jewelry line is inspired by knowledge and nature and encourages science communication, humanism and critical thinking. She opened her online Etsy store in 2007. She also writes for Skepchick.org and is co-host of Mad Art Cast. You can follow her on twitter @SurlyAmy.






Jeffrey Moore works full-time as a training specialist for a NYC based non-based nonprofit organization. He is also the lead developer of the Animech Project (an animal-inspired robotics platform), the founder of Makersfile (a promotion and support service for crowdfunding campaigns), and co-founder of The Avenue Code, a startup multimedia production company.






bill-livolsiAfter spending ten years as a professional writer, Bill Livolsi now runs One Car Workshop, a website about making the most of a small workshop space. He also writes articles for Make: Magazine and a number of freelance clients as he pursues a career as a full-time content creator. You can follow him on YouTube and Instagram.