Episode 31 – Form and Function

Remember: every episode is now available on YouTube! You can still find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Google Play, as well (links at the top of every page). This is just one more offering, because THE HUSTLE NEVER STOPS. Special thanks to top supporters Luis Gonzalez and Ryan O’Horo for their contribution! If you […]

Episode 21 – Protect Yourself

Thanks to Luis Gonzalez, Ryan O’Horo, Dave Bauer, Elaine Go, and everyone on Patreon for supporting the show!¬†Please support Makers’ Hustle on Patreon — every dollar really helps. On this week’s episode,¬†Amy, Jeff, and Bill talk about how to keep yourself and your business safe – or at least as safe as you can. With […]